London Technology Week

Europe's largest gathering of tech events

  • Hundreds of events
  • Hundreds of venues
  • Thousands of attendees
  • Seven inspirational days

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Europe's largest gathering of tech events

“London Technology Week – a showcase in British ingenuity”

The Economist

What is London Technology Week?

London Technology Week is a week of face-to-face events celebrating London’s global position as a hotbed of tech innovation, business successes, entrepreneurship and creative talent.

In 2014, more than 40,000 people from over 40 countries came together for 203 events held at venues across the capital. Events ranged from large international conferences to intimate workshops, face-to-face investor meetings, pitching competitions and hackathons, covering a huge variety of topics including gaming, big data, IT, wearables, education, music, sport, fashion, finance and science.

London Technology Week is unique. No other festival of live events brings together as many domestic and international tech specialists and enthusiasts to London for such a variety of networking, social learning and business opportunities.

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“LTW is a great way to get more from your event. The crossmarketing reaches people with technology interests that you’d miss otherwise, a real bonus for networking. The media activity gets you added ‘buzz’ and coverage.”

Richard Foggie, IOT Week
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“Great initiative, not only for encouraging people to learn more about tech and what’s around London, but also a great platform for technology companies to showcase themselves participating at events or simply running our own events.”

Jose Bort, Pickevent
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